The Just Culture Bundle


The Just Culture Complete Bundle


  • JCAT software for Mac or Windows computers
  • Printed trifold of the Just Culture Algorithm™ v4.0
  • Hardcover book of Dave’s Subs: A Novel Story About Workplace Accountability


JCAT Software

The Just Culture Assessment Tool is desktop software that delivers:

  • 4 hours, 16 modules, of self-paced training and proficiency testing
  • Continuing Education Credits *4.0 contact hours are available for registered nurses
  • Just Culture Algorithm™ v4.0 built-in as an interactive experience
  • Assess behavioral choices around events and save the details in printable and digital reports
  • All files stored locally meaning no enterprise software hassles
  • Build Initial Proficiency in Just Culture
  • Sustain Competency Over Time

To use JCAT, you will need a license key. After purchasing JCAT, the License key will be sent to the email address used at time of purchase

Not for mobile phones or tablets. JCAT is software for Windows and Apple computers only.

*Approved for 4.0 contact hours by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP13677, Debora Simmons.

The Just Culture Algorithm™ v4.0

NOTE: This is version 4.0 of the Just Culture Algorithm. Version 3.2 can only be ordered manually by contacting us directly

The Just Culture Algorithm™ is the analytical heart of Just Culture and is our primary tool for understanding and categorizing the choices of those in your organization. It serves as a guide when you, the manager, address employees whose behaviors do not align with organizational values or procedural rules.

With it, you can evaluate an event based on a set of duties inherent to the system in order to determine which of the five behaviors was most likely in play. This gives you the ability to address the event and the people involved in a constructive way rather than simply reacting to the outcome.

It can also show you how multiple behaviors can be associated with a single event so that you can evaluate each behavior separately in order to more effectively determine the root cause.

Dave’s Subs: A Novel Story About Workplace Accountability

ISBN: 978-0984041961  –  352 Pages

NOTE:  Kindle version available on Amazon.

The setting is a fictional sub shop. Inside is a management framework, The framework you will see unfold are the dynamics of a workplace revolution. In the real world we have seen this management framework of accountability take place in Aviation and Healthcare for the last 30 years. It’s time we move this revolution of improved accountability into every workplace culture.

We’re human. Making mistakes is in our DNA and those errors can hurt others and us in big ways. For a more enlightened view of how we can reduce those errors we must push out the old tactics of blame and shame. We can also greatly improve the accountability of staff and leadership alike. To experience this means building a different culture. It requires building a learning culture. It demands designing for the outcomes we intend. The revolution comes, however, when it spreads beyond aviation and healthcare to every employer including your local sub shop.

Come alongside Milo, a manager at the fictional Dave’s Subs, and his five inescapably fallible employees. Be part of Milo’s year-long journey to find a better system of workplace justice. Be part of the revolution.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in
for Windows

JCAT for desktop/laptop computers using Windows operating systems. Download Here

for Mac OS

JCAT for desktop/laptop computers using Macintosh operating systems. Download Here