Just Culture Certification Training

We’ll train you to become a Just Culture Certified Champion

The Just Culture Company is the only firm that provides Just Culture training AND certifies through testing that course attendees have the depth of knowledge to lead their organizations in cultural transformation to a Just Culture.

  • Learn the history of our social trend toward a more punitive, yet unaccountable culture.
  • Learn the notions of duty, breach, and consequence as applied to inescapably fallible human beings.
  • Learn the scientific, legal, and social basis for a more just culture.
  • Learn of the deliberate design of the Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • Learn how to become a role model, mentor, and coach to your employees.

Dates and Locations

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For our Canadian customers: please click here for upcoming courses conducted by our Canadian partner Saegis.

It's training that transforms mental models and provides actionable solutions