Just Culture Certification Training

Become a deep subject matter expert in Just Culture

Through scenario-based training and testing, our Just Culture Certification Courses provide leaders with the skills to realize improvements in accountability, safety, and performance for their organization.  Our “teachable, learnable” approach prepares individuals to master Just Culture concepts and apply the Just Culture AlgorithmTM in a consistent and replicable fashion, driving improvement in behavioral choices and system design.

If your organization is on the journey toward high reliability, join us for an in-person or e-learning Just Culture Certification Course.

It's training that transforms mental models and provides actionable solutions

Choose the format that works best for you.  Learners using either format receive 16 hours of instruction and exercises facilitated by a Just Culture Advisor; video tutorials; and are eligible to take the Just Culture Certification Exam. Individuals who pass the Just Culture Certification Exam may designate themselves as a Certified Just Culture Champion.

16 hours - includes live webinars and online course materials
Choose your course dates & enroll

Course objectives:

  • Identify how the disciplines of human factors; behavioral economics, system engineering, and law inform the principles of Just Culture
  • Describe five behaviors that serve as markers of human intention and the role of managers & organizations in shaping these behaviors
  • List attributes of robust system design
  • Describe 3 duties that inform an employee’s obligations and on-the-job performance
  • Identify elements of a sound threshold (or event) investigation
  • Identify pathways within the Just Culture Algorithm™ used to evaluate specific breaches of duty
  • Using case studies, apply just culture principles and identify conclusions supported by the Just Culture Algorithm™
  • Discuss how evaluations arising from the Just Culture Algorithm™ contribute to better system design, improve cultural norms, and reduce risk proactively

For our Canadian customers: please click here for upcoming courses conducted by our Canadian partner Saegis.