COVID-19 Applications

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented organizations with a number of unprecedented events.  Employees choosing not to mask at work, or on their off-duty time.  Doctors deviating from policy to ensure no doses of vaccine go unused.  Employers exposing employees to unjustifiable risks of infection.  Customers who refuse to socially distance.

Much of the detrimental COVID-19 behavior goes well beyond human error.  It about choices – from leaders to staff.  We’re all caught in a complex world of competing values (from liberty to safety), leading us all to make choices that are being microscopically critiqued by colleagues and friends.  Sometimes, as is relates to COVID-19, it feels hard to know what it means to do the right thing.

Through our Just Culture model, we prepare organizations to address the very novel circumstances and events that COVID-19 has posed on employees.