About Us

It all started back in the 90’s with David Marx…
The Just Culture Company Founder and CEO, David Marx

For over two decades, the world has known us as Outcome Engenuity.  In 2020, we are morphing into two companies: The Just Culture Company, LLC and Trajectories, LLC.   The former will continue to advocate for advances in workplace justice and accountability.  As always, you’ll see us continually on the move – from adding additional languages in our JCAT software and training, to building a “five behaviors” investigative methodology.  In parallel, Trajectories, LLC will dedicate its full energy to Trajectories® software and practice, introducing the world to our most advanced methodology for socio-technical systems assessment.

Years of Experience


Our mission is clear.  Help to build a better world.  Through our integration of systems engineering, human factors, and the law, we have developed methods and tools that challenge the old norms of workplace justice.  Make a mistake, you’re fired.  We helped the world move beyond the outdated notion that we can be perfect.   And we’ve also helped the world see that a “non-punitive, blame free” system of justice is not in interest of customers or employees. Helping the world reframe workplace justice, and thereby create better outcomes for our clients and their employees, is what we’re committed to doing.


If it’s a workplace, it’s in our focus.  We work with airlines and hospitals, power companies and zoos.  We’ve worked from Singapore to Saudi Arabia, Germany to New Zealand.  Wildly different environments, but with one common element: the inescapably fallible human.  Yet, it’s our breadth of work that has lead us to become the world-wide experts on workplace accountability and justice.

The Team

Systems Engineering.  Human Factors.  Computer Science.  Behavioral Economics.  Jurisprudence.  And, of course, domain expertise.  We’ve got the interdisciplinary team to best master the interdisciplinary science of workplace justice.  With us, you can stay grounded in your area of expertise.  Let us help you with our expertise.  If you’re sick, you see a doctor.  If you’re in trouble, you hire a lawyer.  If its about building a strong workplace culture, let our team help you.


David Marx

Chief Executive Officer

John Westphal

Chief Advisor

Barbara Olson

Chief Clinical Officer, Executive Lead, Healthcare Operations

Jerry Allen

Senior Advisor, Executive Lead, Industry Operations

Stephen Jones M.D.

Senior Advisor, Associate Professor Yale School of Medicine

Mike Graves

Chief Technical Officer

Alex Demidov

Software Engineer

The Just Culture Company

Not everyone is a gymnast; not everyone is a neurosurgeon.

However, everyone is a judge.

And that’s what makes workplace justice so difficult.